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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A baby in our home (Smith Visit)

The Smith's 
came to 

This trip was a little bit different than any other trip to California that Beth has made. This time she wasn't coming here to settle in a college dorm. She wasn't road tripping from Maine to spend her summer in California to work at Starbucks. She didn't come so we could bar hop in Huntington Beach and this trip we definitely didn't make any random trips to Mexico for beer and tacos (not safe at all). This time she wasn't coming to meet Syniah for the first time and introduce her new hubby to her family. This time..........

She came with a new little package for me and I had a new bigger package for her

Annaka and Leilah 
we got to meet each others newest additions for the very first time.

Annaka Thea
It was so special for me to meet her. I felt somewhat deprived of a huge piece of Beth's life. It's one thing to talk on the phone and hear about her but totally different to actually see and hold her. There is something so special about the child of your best friend. Helps us to know that we have come along way. We have accomplished something so great and through it all we are STILL best friends. This little girl definitely won my heart. Wish I could see her more often. 

Life sure has changed.
This time around, it was about these girls. 
It took my girls about a night and a day to adjust to having visitors, not only stay with us, but visitors with a baby. My girls were super wild the first night. They are crazy sometimes but their wildness was definitely out of character for them. Leilah was a bit jealous of a baby touching her things but after getting adjusted they fell in love with this little lady from Maine. They were so loving with her and wanted to hold and play with her. It was so sweet to watch the girls with Annaka. Annaka really looked up to the girls. It was very sweet to watch.

Annaka and Niah coloring.

I love this picture of Annaka and Syniah. Niah was so sweet and gentle with her. 
Annaka sure does love Syniah.

We really did love having the Smith's here in California!

The girls wanted to join Annaka in the bath but as you can see it was a bit overwhelming....

I think Annaka prefers her baths alone...

Aren't they sweet? Who would have known a friendship created 10 years ago would amount to this?
3 beautiful little girls... Who I pray grow up to be Best Friends.

Somebody really loves her Niah...

As the Smith's started packing to go home the girls got a bit emotional. They tried to fit in their luggage and were perfectly fine with leaving me behind.
"You can visit us in Maine Mama."

Niah was super sad. She really didn't understand why she couldn't just move to Maine.

The visit was short and sweet. I wish we had more time, but am super thankful that we had this time together.

Niah getting in her cuddles before she left for school

Saying Goodbye to the Smiths was sad. My girls were very sad. They are going to miss their friend. I am going to miss my friend. Ervin is going to miss his friend. In the end I thank God for the friendship we have with the Smith's. We hold this relationship near and dear to our hearts. We look forward to Annaka's 1st Birthday. Cross our fingers that we get to go to Maine to celebrate!! 

           I don't think I tell you enough (you know I am not a mushy, cuddly friend) but I am so thankful for you. I am thankful for our talks and the way we just always get each other. I don't think anybody has ever experienced life at the exact same time the way we have. I am so glad we went to Vanguard and sat by each other in Cornerstone 10 years ago. We might of ditched class at times just to sit and talk but at least we remember those times more than we remember the lectures in Psychology :) I am thankful for you. I am so happy for who you are and who you have become. It was so special for me to meet Annaka and watch you in your new role as a Mama. It's a pretty great job huh? Our topic of conversation has changed from Boys and Dawson's creek to diapers and babies but I am so glad we have embarked on this journey together 3,000 miles apart. Thank you for always being that person to me... the one who just gets me.

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Beth Smith said...

Thanks Lydia for EVERYTHING. Not only for our past visit but for everything always. Love you SO much! It was so great to see Niah again and meet Leilah. And Annaka loved them so much. I think she needs a sister for sure. I really hope you get to come out in June. We have already planned it all out. I am so glad you took all these pictures. When I know there is someone else taking pictures I tend to take less. Is it ok if I post about this in Annaka's 10 month blog? You wrote such a sweet story about the girls. loved it. We can't wait to see you guys again soon.